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About New Solution Home Care

At New Solution Home Care, we have formed an excellent team that can coordinate great home care service to provide patients a collaborative and secure environment that allows him or her to maintain or restore health as well as diminish the effects of disease and disability.

We are a home care agency by the New York State Department of Health providing care services through the Consumer Managed Assistance Program (CDPAP) in New York State.


At New Solutions Home Care Services we are aware of how important it is to bring tranquility and quality care to families in New York City.

Our mission is to improve people’s lives and that’s what we do every day. With a large team of caregivers with experience in caring for people in their own home, our professionals are trained to offer compassionate and comprehensive care to all who require our services.

If you have a family member, trusted friend or neighbor who needs home care in the New York area, for a short time or for a long time at New Solution Home Care Sevices we would be happy to help you. If you are worried because you have to work and you do not have anyone to appropriate handle the needs of your loved one, here at New Solutions Home Care Services we can help.

We are ready to listen to what you need and talk to you about the many home care services we can provide through the CDPAP Consumer Assistance Program. If you are looking for people you can trust, please contact us.

Our Vision

At New Solution Home Care, our vision is to offer an intermediation with Medicaid and your health care provider achieving an excellent, safe and compassionate care in your own home with our help.

We aim to be a company that makes people at ease back in their own home with a family environment, close to friends and neighbors and especially within your own community and your own home to create a healthy environment with independence, well-being, and control.

We want to ensure excellent care and personal health oversight of our community through nurses and professional personal care assistants who enable seniors to stay where they want to live for as long as it is medically appropriate.

CDPAP is a Medicaid-funded personal care program that empowers self-directed seniors, people with disabilities or their designated representatives to hire, train, supervise, and terminate their choice of personal home care assistant.